Oh Where Does the Time Go?


Well, I have been noticeably absent from my little blog for several months.  Mostly the crazy end of the school year and then summer got in my way of finding time to write posts.  But also, I think that I needed some time to minimize my thoughts and life.  I found that after leaving my previous job, where I was extremely burnt out, I needed time ( as I eluded to in my previous post) and some of that time was just learning how to survive in this new normal.  I also had to learn and accept that not being crazy busy every second of the day was ok.  That learning a little mindfulness and quietness was a good thing and that if I sat in silence for a few moments, it did not need to be in contemplation about what our weekly menu plan needed to be or if I needed to do another work task, I can just sit.  And that folks, was a revelation.

And so this summer, I chose to spend time with my kids on my days off.  We took lots of weekend trips.  We slept in, we talked and fixed big late breakfasts.  And on my days at work, we hired a wonderful Nanny and the kids swam, went to the library, played, rode bikes, and it goes on and on.  And no where in there did I let my stress about how messy the house was or how much I needed to do this or that interfere with our enjoying the summer.  This was not easy, as I have been programmed for years to get it all done at the expense of my health, but I just fought those self imposed expectations.  And guess what?  Knock on wood, my IBS is the best it has been in YEARS!!! I have had a great summer, I love my new job, I have enjoyed the heck out of my kids and I managed to do a little bit of work towards my 2016 goals.

Now that the kids go back to school tomorrow, life will get a little more scheduled, and I will jump back on the band wagon of getting things done.  But sometimes…sometimes, it’s ok to slow down and catch your breath.  So I am sending that message out there to everyone who is completely and totally overwhelmed, take a few months, say “no” to all those , and find moments to pause and just be.  No expectations, no running lists, no agendas.  And I am hoping this brings you better health and balance to.  Good luck everyone!


Who knew.. Less work is hard..


I have started my new job that affords me much more time at home, more time with the family, and more time to work on this blog.  My stress is much less, the people I work with are wonderful, and .. I’m exhausted.  I find myself wandering the house, not sure which direction to go, where to start.  My list of projects is so long I can’t discern where I should start or finish.  Consequently, I find myself wandering around, consumed by projects that need to be done, but leave me feeling like I have not accomplished much.

Well, I decided to cut myself some slack and really analyze  why I am struggling

  1. I am in recovery- After talking to my naturopathic physician and finding that it is perfectly normal to feel this way after years of stress and overwork, we developed a plan for my physical recovery.  So first, I have to take care of myself, eat healthy, lots of water, prescribed supplements, get plenty of sleep, daily practice of meditation, and exercise.  So you know, starting small 🙂
  2. Minimalize the house- Here’s the deal, if I could get my house in order, minimalized, my “womb” would be content.  I have a dear friend that always says our homes are like our wombs, if they are disorganized and cluttered, we feel disorganized and cluttered.  Though my home does not look bad, and it cleans up well.  I find myself spending too much time on it.  Those spaces I have done the Kari Mon method on, I feel content in.  I am happy to be in those spaces and they take very few minutes to clean.
  3. Need to develop a cleaning routine.  I have ditched the awesome housekeeper ( at least on a regular basis) and now need to develop a concise and through cleaning routine.  There are some outstanding blog posts on this subject that I have found on Pintrest.  Check out these posts, I am using them, and tweaking them for my own use.
  4.  Need to continue vigilant budgeting- with the reduction of my salary, I have been budgeting down to the penny.  Maybe this hyper vigilance is just my effort to feel control in this new situation, but it is also in alignment with our goals as a family to have a debt free life.  This is difficult sometimes for my kids, especially little I who love to spends money and always wants to eat out.  But we just continue to reinforce that my new freedom to be a more available more means that we need to be more responsible with out monies.  Also, I want my kids to look at time and experiences as wanted things rather than plastic junk that ends up in the landfill anyway!!
  5. Cut myself some slack- I have been building my body and mind into functioning as such a high pace and under such increased stressed for a long time, it’s going to take some time to retrain my brain (and body) to a more mindful and purposeful life.

I’ll keep you updated as my new work/life balance shapes up, any more tips that I find to be helpful.