2016 a year of minimalism


2016.. it’s here, and it holds big changes for our family. 

Besides leaving the company I have worked for for 11years ( more to come on that), I plan to take minimalism in our home to a whole new level.  I have already completed the master bedroom and master bath minimalism – though a refresher is needed.  The rest of our home is in desperate need of a minimalism makeover.  With the last year of working the position I was, and with getting Miss H to all of her therapy appointments, not to mention J and little I to all their events, I mostly felt like I was working to keep my head above water ( sound familiar) ?  I am hoping with two additional days off a week ( that’s right, doing the happy dance over  this and my new company that is allowing this flexibility)  I will have time to devote to some substantial minimalism.  This blog and specifically this series of posts are my commitment ( with some accountability to you) to regularly update my decreasing stuff and share my successes and failures throughout this year.  These are the main areas that I would like to declutter this year:

  1. physical home ( kitchen, linens, closets, kids rooms/stuff, garage and paperwork/memories) .
  2. finances – continue to organize this area, develop a process for weekly or bi weekly accountability meetings with myself and husband.
  3. All body products made from home – So at first glance this does not seem like doing less, but I am a big believer in finding healthy, simple alternatives to our body products.  I already use this ( insert link here) awesome face wash that I made, and LOVE it! and believe that much of our skin and health issues can be helped and remedied by using products that I actually know what all the ingredients are!  I promise to blog about all of the products I end up using/creating so that you might use them too!!
  4. life- yes, I mean looking at our current activities, what therapies or special tasks we need to be doing for the kids and ourselves, and determine if we can cut out some of the “chatter” of our lives.  This will involve develop/solidifying some significant time management skills and processes.

I am excited to see where this journey takes me and my family this year.  And as always, hoping that I will find more, doing less!!


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