The Beginning

I must have this thought a hundred times a day. Between the questions, the constant performance of multiple tasks, answering questions, the “always being on”, one statement is on constant repeat. “its all too much” . I don’t think I am alone in this feeling, in wondering when the world started traveling so fast, when your thoughts barely have time to form before they are put to use. In this chaos I completely realize that I missing life, that there is no real time to “LIVE”. I miss time with my kids, my husband, my dog, and even the time I would like to spend with my patients. We are hurtling in to the complex world, where the only answer we can come up with is more complexity. I am looking to step off that train, and find the calm in the storm. Really the answer has been there all along, it not complicated, really, it’s simple. You know like SIMPLE.. Simple. In order to live life, I need less. I need less stress, less complication, less overwhelm, less stuff, less of it all. With Less, I hope to gain More. more space, more clear thinking, more time, more connection, more of LIFE!!! This Blog is my journey to finding more, doing less. I have no idea of my how, but I hope that as I discover my successes and my failures, I can help others find their more as well. We all deserve to live a rich, wonderful and exceptional life. Maybe your living with less with help you find more too.